Business Alert’s "BIZALERT" mission is to become the premier solution providers in the marketing arena providing services to sophisticated industries by understanding and fulfilling their needs and contributing to their success

Our primary goal is to help business managers to access a broad array of marketing support tools with one phone call only.

  • Business Alert, merges marketing/medical experience and state-of-the art creative work. simplifying the development of healthcare and pharmaceutical products’ promotional campaigns.
  • The management personnel in Business Alert are experts with over 20 years of hands-on Sales, Marketing, Training, Market Research and General Management experience with some of the world’s leading companies in the healthcare arena.  All have a degree in medicine or pharmaceutical science.
  • Working with our clients in Dubai, the hub for businesses, not only in the Middle East but a number of other countries as well,  gives us the advantage of experience in creating/adapting marketing materials that suit different customers’ needs in diverse cultures.